Tim Whitehead (manager of The Tiger Lillies): A beautiful person is… well, that's down to personal taste, at least when it comes to appearance. I mean I'd like to say that a beautiful person has a good heart and is kind and intelligent but sometimes it just comes down to who is hot! True beauty is about more than that so you have to recognise the difference between sex and beauty (even though they are connected). I find beauty in things that most people would think are ugly. As a child instead of having a teddy bear I had a soft toy of Dracula! A lot of people are frightened by The Tiger Lillies but the music of Martyn's songs can make me cry, it has such beauty. So to me ugly would really be a person who you can't trust or who is doing something to hurt others. Many governments are ugly, for example, and beauty is something you can find almost anywhere if you look hard enough. I think people walk through life and don't look for beauty as often as they should.

The Russian version of the interview was published in a magazine of the cultural resistance SHO.