Stellan Skarsgard (Pirates of Carribean, Goya's Ghosts, Melancholia, Dogville): I make two or three films a year but it means that I have like six months off which is not bad. When I’m off I can do all the cleaning of the house and cooking and laundering and my wife could sit there with a drink. Also I bring my family to work but the problem is if you bring your family to a foreign country, a weird place for you, they would get lonely while you’re working being in a house or an apartment all alone no matter how nice the place is. That means that they will crave you and when you come home they will tear you apart. So you can not only bring your family you have to bring friends of the family as well! We rented a house in Rome where in total we had 46 Swedes living there. It was the biggest foreign colony since 1632, I think.
The Russian version of the interview was published in a magazine BOLSHOY.