Film director Jennifer Chambers Lynch (Surveillance, Boxing Helena): I have several tattoos. A funny thing happened to me at customs on the way to Canada. There was a Chinese woman checking my baggage through and when I went to receive my pocket she looked at one tattoo on my arm and said, "What do you think that says?" I said, (sensing a trap) "Uh, `live for today`?" and she started laughing. I went, "Oh, no...", and she said, "Well, sort of". Then I said, "What do you mean `sort of`?! It’s on my arm forever!" And my father (David Lynch) had already given me trouble for doing it two years earlier, "What if it says `street cleaning on Tuesday`, how do you know?" (grins) Lo and behold, it means life, be it for this day, but a literal translation is "life, eggs and money".
The Russian version of the interview was published in a men's magazine DOBERMAN.